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Get to know ME, yay. . . probably a little more than you want!  :)

 Special thanks (for this image) to humanitarian & award-winning celebrity photographer, & one of my heroes:  Jeremy Cowart



I believe every woman should have a beautiful photograph of herself at every stage in her life!  



I have opted to focus on Fashion/Glam/Bridal because I really want to empower women to feel and know they are enough! Whether they are a teen struggling with self image or fear of the future, a bride who never wants to forget how she looked & felt in "the dress," a mom that feels she has lost her "mojo" or doesn't have enough time for herself, or an older lady that feels forgotten or lonely or "too old!"

I promise, if you allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of my lens, I will make you feel beautiful.  And, my hope is the results will empower you for a lifetime!


I have opted to also focus on Weddings because I love to document the chaos, the beauty and the emotion of a wedding day, there's nothing like it!  These Love Stories are where the  journey of a Woman starts - from becoming a wife, chasing a career, running a home, creating a family - to becoming a grandmother!  These stages are what shapes a Woman - and, I want to capture each one!  

Because of the direction my heart has taken me, as of 2018, I will keep my focus on the Ladies.  HOWEVER, I truly love and appreciate ALL my clients, and I enjoy photographing everyone and everything.  So, I will be offering Family Month & Guys Only Month every year.(subscribe to our Blog and/or follow us on Facebook to keep up.)

 Lastly, Giving Back is very important to me, so if your photography needs may fall into that type of category, please reach out to me anytime!  (See our Giving Back page HERE for some of my favorites.) 

XOXO, ~ S ~

  • My Mission Statement is below, but don't skip this part or you will know nothing about Toyota Gangs!!!  They are out there & they are crazy dangerous!  

  • Mondays, church & quotes are my jam.

  • Photography speaks to my soul.

  • I'm addicted to Q-tips.

  • I live on espresso & hummus & wine.  Literally, they are keeping me alive.

  • My husband is my best friend.  No really.

  • I miss Michael Jackson

  • Pickles remind me of frogs.  But, I still love to eat them.  I don't eat frogs.

  • The Sonic guys have convinced me to NOT go to Sonic.

  • Every time I take a hot shower, I think of third world people that don't have this luxury. Every time.  And usually, when I get out of the shower, I'm freezing and think of homelessness.  So basically, my hygiene routine motivates me to think of others.

  • I have a crush on Vince Vaughn. I  know.  He's old & out of shape, he's not an obvious hottie.  OH, but he is .  He is.  

  • I'm weird. I  like weird people.  When I see a weird person, I sometimes throw them a nod.  I feel like we're in a gang.  My husband also thinks he's in a gang.  He throws made-up Toyota gang signs to all fellow Toyota mini-van drivers.  I'm sorry to all weird people and Toyota mini-van owners; I know you didn't ask to be in our gangs.

  • I can appreciate the smell of a good skunk.  Dr. Pepper reminds me of skunk.  I do not drink Dr. Pepper.

  • If 70s Love Songs come on the radio, I would not change the station.

  • I like to shake magic shell, cut off the top, freeze it for a few minutes,eat it with a knife.  (I also have a secret trick for those of you that can't decide whether they like cookie dough or baked cookies - this also involves freezers & knives - ask for this super secret recipe!)

  • I studied and practiced interior design for over 9 years.  My studio offers it for free, ask me how!

  • My living room furniture is orange vinyl.  It was my parents, and before that, my grandparents.  When I grow up, I will move it to the basement.

  • I love spinach, liver & onions, broccoli, garlic, bleu cheese, hummus, spicy V8, kale & Rhubarb.  But, I don't like popcorn.  

  • I once asked for prayer & healing for my road rage.  I'm still waiting for that miracle.

  • I have a love-hate relationship with devices that automatically turn themselves off.   

  • My daughters are so amazing, I'm not sure how I got so lucky! My teen daughter Gray built an orphanage in India when she was 12!  My other daughter Piper, 10, is saving money right now for Charity Water (see our Giving Back page.)

  • If I photograph your wedding, I will bring my husband.  He is extremely creative and keeps me sane - you want him there.  And, we will take 2 pieces of cake to our daughters!  :)

  • Sometimes I type on my thigh what someone is saying.  Told ya I was weird.

  • I shut off my cable 14 years ago.  It's nice.       Except for football season.

  • When traveling, I will turn a bad driver in to the highway patrol.  A lot.  My husband claims that I will eventually either get a paycheck from them or a harassment charge.

  • We were out of the country on our honeymoon on 9/11.  I still feel guilty for not being home.

  • My heart hurts when people aren't their happiest; I want to help.  It's often perceived as meddling bitchiness.

  • I love to eat healthy, lift & run. But, I can rock an all-you-can-eat buffet like you wouldn't believe.

  • I save bugs.  But, if I can't, I squish them really fast and say, "I'm sorry!" 

  • I never drive past a homeless person or someone walking in bad weather.

  • I'm a magazine hoarder. I  love to look through the pictures.  I have 10-yr-old magazines that I still plan to read.

  • I made The Who's Who Book.  With 47.2 billion other people.

  • I have over 200 pairs of shoes.

  • I'm obsessed with learning.  Ted Talks, Documentaries, Motivational Books & Podcasts are a part of my daily routine.  I get up at 4:30 am just so I can get my day started just this way because it is changing me.  

  • I think humans are amazing, talented & brilliant.  I  also think they are stupid and rude.

  • I love the dance scene between God and Evan in Evan Almighty.  I think that still, small, sweet moment is the type of relationship God desires with us.      XOXO, ~ S ~

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