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Using the talents God blesses us with is so important!!!  

A few of my favorites from survivors to Nicaragua to adoption and real  BIRTHdays!   (Tim Tebow's Night to Shine is another favorite event, please refer to our Blog to view this.  :))

This is my dear friend. . . I wanted to show her courageous fight, her feisty spirit, her brave soul, her sense of humor while empowering other ladies in this same journey.  When you fight demons in your life, this is exactly what it should look like:  

This is Nicaragua.  This is where I left a piece of my heart.  

My studio offered complimentary mini sessions and discounted product prices to afford my daughter Gray and I to go on this mission trip.  To love on these people, share the Gospel, bring medical and carpentry help has forever changed my life. I will be eternally grateful.

Is there anything more beautiful then the miracle of birth?!  I love Gifting Mommy & Daddy with $100 Gift Certificate with all  Real Life Birth Day Sessions.

Actually, yes.  There is something just as a beautiful as a Birth. . . it's called a Gotcha Day - the Day when a child is no longer an orphan, but a member of their very own Forever Family.  If you've never considered being a foster or adoptive family, I hope these beautiful families makes you do just that! :)   

I'm also a proud member of two organizations close to my heart: 

 - Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep provides complimentary photography  to families whose newborns or sick children have become or are becoming Angels.

 - Operation Love provides complimentary photography  to families who are either getting ready to be separated or getting ready to be re-united, due to being a part of the Military

-After reading about Mongolia, I am moved to build as many homes as I possibly can with your help. You see, it's not just about people not having homes. . . . it's about trying to survive in temparateures as low as FIFTY DEGREES BELOW ZERO!  Can you even imagine?  For $1,862, together we can provide shelter , warmth and LIFE for families up to 10!  For every piece of Wall Art purchased, I will donate to the studio's Mongolian fund on your behalf.






Lastly, I'm also a proud mama of two amazing daughters who love to Give Back!  

 - My firstborn daughter Gray wanted to build an Angel House in India when she was only 11! This is a home for 24 orphans in India, which provides love, shelter, and food, along with an education and sharing the Gospel.  With help from the studio & many, wonderful clients, the Chillicothe Community, Cornerstone Church, and hours of sharing her dream & doing fundraisers, Gray built this home by age 13!  

To see more images & read her

story, visit Gray's page  HERE







- My baby daughter Piper Jane is now working towards the mission that everyone in the world deserves clean water!  

She wants to raise money for Charity Water, which is an organization that uses 100% of their donations to not only build water wells all over the world, but to also maintain them & livestream them, so you can see your donation at work, literally!  She will be working on fundraisers in the future; we are building her Facebook page now, come Follow her Journey HERE.  The studio will donate 100% of profits from every single sell of our fabulous metal cuffs to her efforts.  (Ask us how to get your metal cuff at a discount, too!)

And, Piper Jane has also appeared in our Humane Society Calendar - 100% of proceeds go to Livingston County Humane Society, much appreciation for all our sponsors!  

(Image courtesy of World Vision.)

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