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Our Fashion/Glam* Art Sessions range from $50 to $650, with lots of options in between.  I believe allowing yourself to be vulnerable in front of my lens, feeling beautifully glam, and then seeing the results will empower you for a lifetime!  

Our Wedding Day (Love) Sessions range from $900 to $4500, with lots of options in between.  I believe there are a thousand tiny moments of beauty & emotion on the most important day of your life. . . I want you to have every single one documented!!!

We offer interest-free payment plans for our clients, as well as complimentary consultations to see if we're a good fit!  Contact us to schedule your no obligation consult  HERE!

*Fashion Sessions are designed for Teen Girls & High School Senior Girls.  

*Glam Sessions are designed for Ladies from their 20s to their 90s. . . . choose from Classic Glamour, Bridal Portraits, & Boudoir.

I have opted to focus Fashion/Glam/Bridals because I really want to empower women to feel and know they are enough. . . . see more info HERE.

I will be offering Family Month & Guys Only Month every year (subscribe to our Blog and/or follow us on Facebook to keep up.)  Lastly, Giving Back is very important to me, so if your photography needs may fall into that type of category, please reach out to me anytime!  (See our Giving Back page HERE for some of my favorites.) 

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